The Argent Vigilance Lore Book

The Argent Vigilance Lore Book Commission.

This publication was put together by me, at the request of the up coming Elder Scrolls Online RP Guild The Argent Vigilance. Please do check out their website, and for some RP goodness here is a little flavour from their lore.

“We are the Blade of Stendarr, and our Faith is absolute!

The world is in darkness, Daedra walk Tamriel unchecked and unchallenged. No one remains to stand against the growing shadows, against the heretics and the accursed. While the war rages, many turn a blind eye to the corruption that claims their very homes focusing only on the obvious and not on the discreet. Yet, not all is lost. We the Blade of Stendarr are by himself, tasked to end the corruption that claims to Tamriel like a plague. Our Faith is unending and our blades are ever sharp. No one shall stand against justice, whether Man or Mer and we shall spare no mercy upon any who dare defy the will of Stendarr! From the Deserts of Hammerfell to the Swamps of the Black Marsh our Flame shall burn away the unbeliever and Cleanse all evil from Nirn.

Will you take up arms, to defend this World given to us by the Gods themselves or will you allow this land, Our Land, The Land of Our Gods to fall to the Chaos of the Daedra and their unholy worshipers? For as long as a single True believer draws breath they shall know no peace in our world, nor shall they burn our homes to a cinder.”
“Now is your time to stand, to stand among your Brothers and fight the enemy we were born to destroy! Who will stand by me?!”
-Grand Master Jamys