Bear Witness

The Tamriel Witness

”Knowledge is power, and in these days of fire and death, what you don’t know could kill you. The voice of the people is drowned out by the drums of war but it is not lost. 

Let those without fear bear witness, for history is being written with the blood and sweat of Tamriels people.” 

-Eden Ymvor 

Mission Statement

The Tamriel Witness is a RP Community Newspaper. We mainly serve the The Elder Scrolls Online Roleplay Community. We have a small team of writers dedicated to bring you the news, stories and event coverage.

Fan Fiction Wanted!

One of the most important areas we cater to is fan fiction. Anyone can have their written work published in The Witness, we welcome all fan submissions.*

We are Hiring!

These are voluntary positions: The Witness is created By Fans, For Fans.

You do not have to be an experienced writer to join the team; you just need good English language skills, and a passion for the topic.

What are we looking for ~ Roleplay Reporting

  • War Correspondents, to cover military combat and RP events.
  • Reporters to cover server events; interview the players in character and get the scoop on guild RP drama and intrigue.
  • Explorers, to write compelling travel journals.
  • Creative writers to produce stories about the world and its day to day struggles.
  • RP’ers with a passion for storytelling and a desire to share their idea with the community.
  • Historians, the lore masters who wish to keep the stories of the past alive today.

What are we looking for ~ Gamer Reporting

  • Gifted players willing to give advice and opinion on PVP and PVE including: builds, weapons combo’s and armour statistics.
  • PVP’ers with a passion for E-Sports and a desire to write about the teams, the players  the highs and lows of the battle field.
  • PVE’ers who can share their knowledge of 5 mans, raids and world event.
  • Players who love to game and want to write about gaming news and events.

Apply via email to, or on our Project forums.

*The Golden Rules

There are three requirement for publication: 

  • The content is related to The Elder Scrolls, Bethsoft or ZeniMax
  • The content is work safe.
  • The Witness is NEVER monetised.

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